Monday, November 22, 2010

“showcase of Kitchen Design” By Oaktree Kitchens

Oaktree Kitchens
Oaktree Kitchens is one of the leading providers of custom made kitchens in Bangalore. Our dedication, eye for detail and passion for designing state of the art kitchens has brought us here. We are pleased to announce the “showcase of Kitchen Design”.

In addition, addressing the Press Conference to announce the details of the Event, Mr.Aravind Kashyap, Managing Director, highlighted the importance of such an establishment. "Kitchen is more than just a space filled with cabinets and appliances used to cook food, it is a living space designed for a family to come together and for people to entertain their loved ones."

As we all know the kitchen makes up an integral part of a household. It not only is the basis of culinary sophistication but is also an intimate setting for a family or bachelor alike. The nuances of creating such a masterpiece are nothing short of a perfect blend of creativity, passion, practicality to form an independent style statement. Clients, designers and craftsmen work together to produce an intimate part of a household; each style and need being very independent of one another. Each kitchen is an inspiration to the next. Such is the evening wherein Oaktree Kitchens is showcase of Design . Each layout at the showroom has been mulled over and carefully regarded keeping in mind the practicality, the aesthetics and sense of style of the owner. Everything from the lighting to the color of the counter top is carefully chosen. Each designer brings to the table a unique sense of design and plan; each kitchen equally resplendent than the other. This evening is a brilliant opportunity for one and all to come discover the trends and designs that have been put together at the showroom. It’s a great platform to understand, discuss and learn everything that goes into making such a masterpiece. The products available from around the globe tremendously help in this endeavor.

The showcase of Design at the location of the showroom in Oaktree Kitchen No. 13, 32nd Cross, Jayanagar 7th Block,Bangalore - 82.