Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Award winning CEO of The Panama Mining Industries Corporation Ltd, bags mining contract in Zimbabwe

Award winning CEO of The Panama Mining Industries Corporation Ltd, bags mining contract in Zimbabwe
The Panama Corporation CEO Mr Vivek Raj met the Dy.Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in Bangalore to discuss developing coal and iron ore mines in Zimbabwe.
In an exclusive face to face meeting with the Dy.Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Prof Arthur Mutambara in Bangalore, The Panama Corporation CEO, Mr Vivek Raj was invited to develop coal and iron ore mines in Zimbabwe.
Mr Vivek Raj, who was chosen as the world’s youngest CEO for the GLOBAL GROWTH COMPANY category by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, and is also recipient of the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani National Award of Entrepreneurship in 2006, speaking about the diversification into mining, said, “Naturally we consider it a privilege to be invited by the Dy.Prime Minister of Zimbabwe to develop coal and iron ore mines in Zimbabwe. It was indeed an honor to meet Mr Mutambara at the Sheraton Hotel in Bangalore. Currently, Zimbabwe is known to hold over 90% of the world’s platinum reserve and 80% of untapped gold along with a high percentage of coal and iron ore deposits. Our foray into mining is complementary to our core business activity, which is trading. We are glad to expand our business as this will establish us as a significant importer of coal into India. We are aware that the shortage of coal in India is close to 855 tons. Our aim is to meet this shortage by eventually supplying coal to India’s major steel and power plants that cannot survive without a steady supply of coal.”
Based in the shipping hub of South India, Mangalore, The Panama Corporation has an international presence. The mining contract is the ideal route to expansion for The Panama Group, which already has a presence in trading of minerals, iron ore, limestone, bauxite, shipping, benefaction of iron ore, and much more. Over the past ten years, the group has enjoyed rapid growth in the renewable energy, trade and mining industry. The group is currently associated with logistics operations as well and is involved in trading   more than 35 million tons annually, including 17 minerals.
The dynamic young CEO, Mr Vivek Raj commented, “We believe   in innovation as a foundation for our development. My vision is to position The Panama Group as a world class mining company in clean energy, trade and mining. I value our staff and believe that investing in people who work with us is fundamental to meeting our challenges.

With the mining contract in Zimbabwe, The Panama Corporation is poised to establish itself as a significant force in the mining industry and boost the Indian economy.
About The Panama Group
Headquartered in Mangalore, India and established in 2000 by the dynamic Mr Vivek Raj, Founder and Chairman, The Panama Corporation is a pioneer in the renewable energy, benefaction plant, trading and mining industry and enjoys an international presence. The company’s vision is to discover and transform resources to benefit people’s daily lives. The Group has enjoyed rapid growth in mining and trade and has plans to diversify into logistics and power generation.

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