Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Silent protest march on #WomensDay in #Bengaluru by @IAmTheNewIndia

Bengaluru: City based NGO 'New India Charitable Trust' founded by social activist couple Amrita Tata and Vijay Tata will hold a silent protest march in Bengaluru on 8th March on Women’s Day to urge for Fast track justice for rape victims. The silent march will start from Mysore bank circle and reach freedom park where Vijay Tata will address the gathering

According to one estimate 90% rapes in India go unreported. Of the reported, only 30% go to trial of them only 1/3rd go to jail. 34,651 cases of rape were reported in India last year. Indian society is in a state of disarray when it comes to legal disputes and dispensing of justice. There are millions of cases pending in the courts which continue to struggle due to lack of manpower, infrastructure and reform in our legal and judicial framework. This becomes even more imperative when it comes to atrocities like rape where the victim has had to endure physical and mental agony all through the duration of the trial, which sometimes takes years.

The NGO has also started - Stop rape initiative - an online petition against rape where they will reach out to every Honourable Judge of India with a plea to take harsh steps against rapists.