Friday, September 13, 2019

Electrical fires can be prevented with strict regulations, standards & innovative solutions

Speaking at the event Sanjeev Ranjan, Managing Director, ICA India said, “In India there are on an average 13 fatalities per day due to electrical accidents. This not only, is a loss to the economy, where crores of rupees are spent on compensation and maintenance but also endangers life. We at ICA India strive to empower people with knowledge to overcome electrical hazards through our campaigns and initiatives. As the old adage says 'prevention is better than cure', applies aptly to electrical hazards and fire accidents as well. Using the right circuit integrity cables or fire survivable cables for public buildings can prevent loss of life and property. We hope that by sharing the knowledge and driving these facts we would be able to arrest these unfortunate incidents.”

The experts from the regulatory bodies pointed out how despite having sufficient regulations and standards in place we are still struggling with better electrical safety applications due to lack of awareness amongst the masses.Debashish Banerjee, Managing Director, CESC said “There have been several fire incidents over the last six months that were caused by improper wiring standards. Awareness on electrical fire safety is extremely essential and events such as these help immensely towards that aim.