Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TTK Services, a TTK Group company, launches HomeShikari in Bangalore

TTK Services, an established member of the $450 million TTK Group of Companies and a pioneer at providing technology enabled services to the global community, today announced the launch of its new division, HomeShikari. This portal is the first of its kind in India that provides unbiased information coupled with hassle-free online experiences to customers for their property needs.

The diversified TTK Group, founded in 1928, operates multiple businesses that sell everything from cookware to pharmaceuticals, besides providing Virtual Assistant services. Presenting on the company’s future growth plans at a Press Conference in the city, T T Jagannathan, Chairman, TTK Group said, “The key to success in the businesses we run, has been innovation. Though we have been around for the last 80 years, we pretty much act like a startup business. For instance, 80% of the revenues of the entire group (consumer durables & services) come from products introduced in the last 5 years. We firmly believe this new addition (HomeShikari) to the family will follow the Group’s aggressive innovation strategy while retaining its traditional strength - trust. With this service, we aim to literally change the way people search for homes. There are definite plans for expanding the service across India. We should be looking at a roll out into other cities in fiscal year 2012-13.”

Special features of

Ø Interactive Map based search

Ø Pictures and floor-plan of every unit provided

Ø Multiple listings of the same property not allowed

Ø Does not act as an advertising platform

Ø Verified Listings and other Value Added Services

TTK Services, based out of Bangalore has already carved a name for itself in providing services online to a global audience. Established in the year 2000, it has already two successfully running businesses, (concierge and global mobility services) and (global virtual assistance service). Sensing an urgent need for greater transparency in the Indian real estate market, TTK Services decided to provide a comprehensive solution for the Resident Indian market. The HomeShikari portal is an interactive platform that is expected to help people searching for homes to buy or rent, make informed choices based on their specific needs and preferences and also help home-owners showcase their residential properties to the right target audience. Speaking to the media, Sunder P, Managing Director, TTK Services, said, “The residential real estate segment in the country is expected to maintain positive growth with a

growing Indian middle class, rising disposable incomes, buyer-friendly home finance schemes, home loans and other fiscal incentives. Despite this, the current market forces are not conducive for sustainable long term growth due to poor organization and a complete lack of transparency. Due to the wide gaps and a largely opaque market, majority of transactions that happen may not always result in a win-win situation for the consumer. With HomeShikari, we intend to address these gaps with a comprehensive solution that is going to be useful for both home-owners and home-seekers.”

He added, “We would also bring in our expertise from having served NRI clients on a wide range of complex property matters for more than a decade now. Our workforce is adept at recognizing, handling and addressing the pain-points of customers and giving them very suitable, viable and value-added solutions.”

Many long-time customers associated with TTK Services strongly vouch for the quality delivery of services the organization provides. One of them, S Ramprasad, Architect, Washington and a PIO says, “I have used TTK Services for various requirements of my family and me since year 2000, the latest being the company helping me in closing the sale of my property in Bangalore. They were the Power of Attorney for me and settled the assignment by covering every aspect to the last detail and communicated with me only through e-mails. The trust factor I have built in them over the years makes me unconditionally recommend their services to others.”

HomeShikari will strive to bring transparency to the Indian Real Estate market and improve the way customers interact for their property requirements. The services will provide the required information and other allied services at the click of a mouse, thus saving a lot of time. T T Venkatesh, Executive Director, TTK Services and Head,, stated, “We are neither brokers nor provide an advertising outlet but only facilitate you to search or list your home on your terms, just the way you want it. With our verification services, you can be sure that what you see is what you are likely to get. You don't need to waste time visiting all the properties. For the owners, it offers the opportunity to get genuine, qualified leads that are more likely to conclude in a transaction. You can register at and get access to reliable information that will help you make a decision faster, comfortably.”

Listing at the portal is free for the first 3 months as a special launch offer. Nominal charges will apply from there onwards.

About HomeShikari and TTK Services Pvt Ltd:

Home Shikari is the newly launched division of TTK Services Pvt Ltd., a member of the US$ 450 million TTK Group of companies which is a trusted name since 1928, both in India and overseas. While the company has been successfully providing property related services to thousands of NRI clients since 2000, the present foray into the real estate market with Home Shikari is targeted to provide the most comprehensive services to Resident Indians as well.

TTK Services Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2000 to provide services to the NRI community. In April 2004, it launched a complete concierge service in India under the brand name YourManInIndia, targeted at non-resident Indians. Today, it is still the market leader in this segment, providing a wide range of physical concierge services across India. This division also provides immigration and global mobility solutions to some of the biggest corporate clients in India, including 50 of the top IT firms. In 2005, it launched its second business division GetFriday, which is currently the world's leading virtual assistance service, with thousands of clients in more than 50 countries across the world. The division aims to provide the benefits of outsourcing to busy individuals and small companies across the world by providing a wide range of personalized services. It is the largest organized Virtual Assistant Service in the world today.

The TTK Group has created and been associated with several leading consumer brands, including several household names in India, including Prestige Cookware, Woodwards Gripe Water, Kohinoor and Durex condoms. The TTK Group has a keen sense of social responsibility, and funds several charitable and social organizations. Some of these are the Rotary-TTK Voluntary Blood Bank, TTK De-addiction centers, TTK Schools for the Underprivileged and the Music Academy.

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