Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Book by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber gives Arab perspective on Middle East change

New Book by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber gives Arab perspective on Middle East change
New book, ‘Yes, The Arabs Can Too’, casts new light on the current events in the Arab world by providing a contemporary Arab view on the changes that are being wrought both economically and socially across the region. Author, His Excellency Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber, founder and sole patron of UK charity the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, and 15th richest man in Britain, provides a prescient and brave diagnosis of the Arab people’s thirst for democracy, human rights and proper citizenship in their own countries.

Alongside the views of Sheikh Mohamed, a Special Envoy of the Director General of UNESCO for tolerance, democracy and peace, the book contains a foreword from Professor Michael Worton, Vice Provost, of University College London. He explains:
“Across the world, we see growing demands for reforms in the political system, whether this be in the ’Arab Spring’ or in the shift to the Right in many countries across Europe. This work is intended as an encouragement to Arabs to reform their political and economic processes, whilst remaining true to the values that through the centuries have underpinned the best of Arab beliefs and endeavours. Sheikh Mohamed offers messages of how this process must be one of integration with the rest of the world whilst also retaining Arab integrity and specificity.”

The author has long held progressive views on governance in the Middle East, particularly with regard to the growing Arab consciousness of empowerment. In addition to giving through his UK Foundation he has been an active philanthropist in Europe and the Middle East for nearly 20 years, investing millions of pounds in a broad range of education projects; from individual scholarships to international education programmes that reach students from all Arab countries.  Partners of the MBI Foundation include: the American Universities of Cairo and Beirut, University College London, the University of Oxford, University of Westminster and other prominent educational establishments throughout the world.

Sheikh Mohamed comments: “There is a growing official and popular Arab consciousness of empowerment. They have the vision and ability to inspire a new dynamism, and restore to the Arab nation an effective role in shaping contemporary human civilisation, and in ensuring a better future for the Arab generations of today and tomorrow.”

First published in 2009 in Arabic, the updated and revised book is available from Arabian Publishing Ltd, priced at £20.00.