Wednesday, July 16, 2014

India has sought explanation form US reg. #NSA's Prism internet surveillance activity

India has sought explanation form US reg. NSA's Prism internet surveillance activity
Indian Government is aware of media reports regarding extensive electronic surveillance done by the US National Security Agency to capture internet and telephony data from foreign countries, including India. The media reports were based on information leaked by Mr. Edward Snowden, a contractor of a private company Booz Allan Hamilton, which was working as a Systems Administrator for the U.S. National Security Agency. Mr. Snowden leaked to media classified information about the PRISM, an electronic surveillance programme that is specifically designed to eavesdrop on internet traffic, including access to emails, chats, voice and video calls, cloud data, social media activity, etc. MEA has no information to indicate whether such intrusions have definitively taken place and if so, how many citizens have been so targeted.

Government has stated that if any such intrusions have indeed been authorised and have taken place, it will be highly objectionable. Concerns in this regard have been clearly expressed at senior official levels to the US Government. In doing so, India has sought an explanation of the information contained in the press reports from US authorities.

Government is committed to protecting the sovereignty and integrity of the country and the constitutional rights of its citizens. Government continues to raise its concerns on this issue directly and forthrightly with US interlocutors.

This Information was given by the Minister of state in the Ministry of External Affairs Gen. Retd. V. K. Singh in Lok Sabha today.