Thursday, July 17, 2014

Riverside Utilities Selects #Accenture to Implement SAP® Billing in #Odisha

Accenture has been selected by Riverside Utilities Private Limited (RUPL), a franchise of the Central Electricity Supply Utility (CESU), the largest electricity distribution company in the state of Odisha, to implement and manage a new deployment of the SAP® Billing application.

As part of a three-year agreement, through Accenture Enterprise Services for Utilities, Accenture will assist RUPL to implement and run the new solution, which is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of meter readings, and customer billing and collections processes. This will help the company enhance its customer service, drive customer satisfaction and reduce complaints. It will also enable the company to better control electricity leakage and more closely monitor its distribution.

“We strive to provide our customers with great service and accurate and timely bills, irrespective of the amount on the bill,” said Mr. SS Vashisht, VP Operations, RUPL. “In order to do that in a cost-effective way, whilst also keeping pace with our customers’ rising expectations, we need a billing system that is robust, agile and able to support our growth agenda. We selected Accenture for the implementation due to its extensive experience with integrating SAP solutions and its vast knowledge of the utilities industry.

Sandeep Dutta, managing director, Accenture’s utilities industry group in India, said, “The challenge faced by regional utilities like RUPL is two-fold; first energy losses tend to be quite high, due to commercial and technical leakage; and secondly they have to service a large population of customers in remote regions. This puts a lot of pressure on costs and infrastructure. This new billing solution will help RUPL better manage these costs, while also driving improvements to its customer service.”