Friday, July 18, 2014

Two-Day national meeting on leprosy in Delhi

Two-Day national meeting on leprosy in Delhi
A meeting on ‘National Consultation on innovative approaches for Prevention of Disability’ was organized here by ‘The GoodBye Leprosy Trust’ (GBLT) to discuss sustainable solutions to fighting disability among leprosy affected people.

GBLT was founded in August 2013, by five organizations that have Leprosy control work as their core area. The trust was formed with an intention to create public awareness and mobilize financial resources locally in India to eradicate Leprosy.

Renewing its commitment to the fight against leprosy, GBLT today launched its new LOGO in the august presence of Guest of Honor, Mr. Rene’ Staeheli, President of ILEP (International Leprosy Eradication Program).

“Leprosy is curable but early diagnosis and treatment with multidrug therapy (MDT) remains crucial to fighting the disease. It is in people who are left untreated that leprosy can cause damage to nerves and  limbs and causes disability. Awareness, even in the most marginalized communities and reach of medication down to the grassroots is the only way to prevent and eliminate this menace,” says Mr. Jose Manikkanathan, Chairman, GBLT.

In the two-day meeting, representatives from Government of India, Central Leprosy Division, World Health Organization, Associations of Persons Affected by Leprosy, ILEP, Leprosy Research Institutes, Consultant NLEP, State Leprosy Officers, Regional Directors from the state, came together to discuss the future of the fight against leprosy in India.