Friday, August 8, 2014

#SBI unveils its digital banking initiative sbiINTOUCH in #Kolkata

SBI unveils its digital banking initiative sbiINTOUCH in #Kolkata
The State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest bank, unveiled its digital banking initiative sbiINTOUCH in Kolkata. A part of SBI‟s program focused on the Gen Y, launched last month these digital stores introduce a new banking experience. Aiming to be "less bank‟ and more a partner to young India helping them fulfill their dreams, SBI begins its journey to shape tomorrow‟s banking.

The digital stores will be bringing several unique and differentiated offerings to the new-age Indian customers. These will include, for the first time not only in India but possibly in Asia, instant account opening with a personalized debit card. That‟s not all, for the first time SBI introduces Smart ATM (deposit & withdraw cash on same device) with remote concierge to speak to bank at anytime and Remote Expert facility, which is a high definition video interaction with the bank‟s experts for all your needs – life insurance, general insurance, demat account, securities etc. Along with this we are making it an integrated experience with a range of new age touch devices and technology to help fulfil dreams – car, education and home.
Koel Mallick, leading actor of Bengali Cinema and Baichung Bhutia, Former Captain, Indian Football team, launched the sbiINTOUCH digital store in City Center 2 mall, Rajarhat, Kolkata in the presence of Sri B Sriram, Managing Director &; Group Executive (National Banking), S. K. Mishra, Deputy Managing Director, CS&;NB and Sunil Srivastava, Deputy Managing Director. SBI plans to have on an ongoing basis weekend connect programs connecting with dreams of Young India and helping them fulfil it.
Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairman of State Bank of India, whose brainchild this project is, said, “This is the start of a journey for us and we are delighted by the response we are already getting. SBI is committed towards offering best-in-class services to our increasingly tech-savvy customers and will continue to invest in digital stores to create a superior banking experience. We would like to invite all to come and experience sbiINTOUCH”.
Speaking on the occasion, B. Sriram, Managing Director, & Group Executive (National Banking) said, “We at SBI are excited about introducing this new banking experience. At the same time we are cognizant of the deep transformation it calls for not only the way we engage with customers but also organize our internal capabilities. Our endeavour will be to keep the concept fresh and relevant to the youth”.
This 7 branch pilot is a catalyst which will enable SBI to leap frog the digital journey. This is but a start and the bank has a roadmap to add new experiences on an ongoing basis building and strengthening the Digital Banking program. The digital store proposition, technology and devices used as well as training of employees were achieved in just 14 weeks in partnership with Accenture.