Sunday, September 7, 2014

1st edition of GFKRun in #Bangalore today with Former athlete & Arjuna Award Recipient P.T. Usha

GFKRun donated over INR One Lakh earned through registrations at the NGOs Sukrupa and Vibha.


Category: Kajaria 10k Run
1st Place: G. Lakshmanan (Prize amount: INR 1,00,000)
2nd Place: Alias (Prize amount: INR 50,000)
3rd Place: Cleophas (Prize amount: INR 30,000)

Former athlete & Arjuna Award Recipient, P.T. Usha, the brand ambassador of GFK Run, who flagged of the Kajaria 10k Run, said, “Fitness should not be the privilege of only one section of the society. GFK Run is a wonderful initiative and is helping create more awareness about fitness as well as the importance of quality family time. It is the first time a single run is enabling so many causes – fitness, family, awareness about malnutrition. I hope GFK Run sets the trend for more such initiatives and achieves its mission of Get Fit for Kids.”