Thursday, September 25, 2014

#ADRmedialogue : 'Paid News cant be tackled at a local level' #Journalist #Anchor Alka Saxena at ADR’s Media Dialogue

The speakers talked about the increasing influence of Paid News and how it has plays a major role in opinion building process, especially in relation to the elections and suggest ways to deal with this menace.

Vipul Mudgal said, paid news is quite evident. All the laws in Haryana in the last 10 years have been passed without any discussion in the Assembly. Vested interests may have been writing the entire policy because of lack of intervention. He said intervention succeeds eventually. Therefore right interventions in the right places is needed.

Alka Saxena said, the journalists and media houses involved in paid news should be heavily penalised . The term “paid news” was coined around the 2004 elections and became fully established as an industry in 2009. She said that both politicians and journalists or media houses approach each other for mutual monetary or other benefits like allotment of land, licenses for other businesses etc.

Sanjay Kapoor said, Paid news is against the spirit and ethics of media. Paid news became even more prevalent during the time of recession. Since revenue was low, media houses had to resort to other mediums of generating revenue. Freedom of press can always be upheld if editors stand up to the pressure. He said that Marketing executives are also influencing editorials and there is no more autonomy in editorials.

All the panellists felt that there should be some form of self-regulation in media and strict penalties should be enforced.