Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#China denies visa to Wang Bingwu brother of Dr Wang Bingzhang

About Dr. Wang Bingzhang: Dr. Wang Bingzhang is a U.S. resident currently serving  a life sentence in a Chinese prison.
Dr. Wang was a medical doctor from China who went to Canada to do graduate studies at McGill University. In 1983, Dr. Wang decided to give up a career in medicine to found the Chinese pro-democracy movement abroad. For almost 20 years, he dedicated his life to organizing and promoting pro-democracy activities in North America and around the world.

On June 27, 2002, Dr. Wang was kidnapped while meeting with labor activists in Vietnam and forced into China where he was subsequently detained by the Chinese police. After being held for six months, the Chinese government charged Dr. Wang with terrorism and espionage. He was wrongfully convicted in a closed door trial where no evidence nor witnesses were presented and sentenced to life in prison.

Since his imprisonment, Dr. Wang’s case has won the support of the American and Canadian government. The UN and Amnesty International have also intervened on his behalf. Unfortunately, Dr. Wang continues to languish in prison where he has developed several serious medical conditions including phlebitis, severe hay fever, gastritis, varicose veins and depression. He has also had three strokes.