Monday, September 22, 2014

#EMC, DTE, Govt of Tamil Nadu and ICTACT to teach Information Storage Management to 350 polytechnic teachers

EMC, DTE,Govt. of Tamil Nadu and ICTACT today announced that they will be training teachers from over 350 polytechnics in Tamil Nadu on the newly introduced Information storage management courses in Polytechnic institutes. The syllabus for Diploma in Computer Engineering, Computer Networking Engineering and Information Technology sees an inclusion of the new courses under the L Scheme Syllabus for Government, Government Aided and Self-financing polytechnic colleges.

The faculty training will be completed over a period of 2 months and is expected to benefit around 20000 students in 480+ Polytechnic colleges in the state. EMC will provide the Technical expertise for the training and the training programme will be implemented at zero cost by EMC, ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu and DOTE, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The aim of this initiative is to impart quality ICT education to students, make them industry-ready and help them compete effectively in a challenging global ICT environment.