Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#Israel conducting Business Seminar on Water Solutions in India

The 1st Edition of Innovation Day, hosted by the Economic Department of the Embassy of Israel and the Indo-Israel Forum, was held at the Claridges Hotel, New Delhi. The event was inaugurated by the Deputy Chief of the Mission, Mr. Yahel Vilan.

The event provided an opportunity to Israeli water companies to propose collaboration on the transfer of technologies and a highly accessible business environment for getting direct interface with decision making authorities.

Israel is known for its capabilities and expertise in waste water treatment, purification and water reuse in agriculture and industry. The event brought together the full ecosystem of advance water technology providers and end users across all industrial sectors.

Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Yahel Vilan said that Israel and India share many challenges, one of them is the scarcity of water and the need to use water resources in the most smart and efficient way to the benefit of both people. “Water is Life, so by cooperating in water we touch the most fundamental issue of the life and livelihood of citizens of both Israel and India. The potential for cooperation is huge and this seminar is the proof that companies in both countries are eager to take it forward.”
Most of the participating Israeli companies specialize in water security, water treatment and effective waste water treatment. More than 20 Indian companies also participated in this seminar.