Friday, September 12, 2014

#KasmirFloods:#Google crisis map for flood hit J&K

Google has introduced a Crisis Response Map for flood hit Jammu and Kashmir with updated satellite imagery. "As the flood waters recede in Jammu and Kashmir, the rescue teams will now be able to reach thousands of stranded people. To aid this rescue process, we've created a Crisis map for Jammu and Kashmir with updated satellite imagery," Google said in a blog post.

“We hope the crisis map can accelerate the efforts of responding agencies and people affected by the disaster. We continue to work on providing more relevant tools for rescue agencies, volunteers and non- profits,” says Google in a statement.
Crisis Response Map is the latest Google tool dedicated for the flood hit state. Earlier this week, Google launched its Google Person Finder tool for Jammu and Kashmir. The web application allows individuals to post the details of, and search for the status of, family members or friends affected by the disaster. The tool is available in both English and Hindi.
The Crisis Response Map is available at Users can also share the map via embed, e-mail or social media through a dedicated Share button. The Map is likely to help the authorities concerned to identify flood zones, evacuation routes and weather conditions.