Thursday, September 11, 2014

#Way2SMS Founder launches “LearnSocial”

Way2SMS founder Raju Vanapala has ventured ahead to tap the potential of online learning. Vanpala’s latest venture, LearnSocial, is on a mission to build a global marketplace for Instructor-led Online Learning. Unlike going into traditional online education or the new generation of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, LearnSocial offers Live Instructor-led online courses on wide range of topics including Technology, Languages, Business Management, Robotics and many others.

With a team size of 50, LearnSocial identifies industry relevant courses for college fresher/s, mid-career professionals, senior professionals; and also partners with passionate Industry experts. LearnSocial intends to transform Online Learning experience through highly engaging techniques for an exceptional learning experience. LearnSocial captures each lecture to ensure the best teachings are accessible forever.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Raju Vanapala, Founder & CEO, LearnSocial said, “Delivering the best with same level of excellence, irrespective of the geographical location, is what we believe in. Hence, unlike others, our Instructors are not traditional professors. They are hand-picked, highly experienced and passionate people working with large corporate firms across sectors. LearnSocial equips each trainer to deliver a special learning experience to any individual from any remote corner. All it takes is internet connectivity of less than 1 MBPS to access all cutting edge and industry relevant courses at LearnSocial.”

LearnSocial has partnered with over 200 highly experienced industry experts to teach on this unique learning platform. Going forward, LearnSocial plans to increase the number of courses and in diverse segments. Currently 11 courses are available on the platform; but about 10 new courses will be added each month going forward.

Mr. Vanapala further adds, “LearnSocial is determined to build a large and active social learning community from across the globe; where learners are provided with an opportunity to network, rather than breeze through a few week-long courses. With greater community interaction and engagement, combined with excellent course delivery methods; LearnSocial will redefine online learning experience across the globe.”