Friday, September 5, 2014

Wearable fitness tracker 'Mymo' launched in India

Dubai-based health and wellness tech firm Tupelo has launched an electronic device in India that tracks fitness level of its users.

Priced at Rs.3,999.Users can track their movements and earn 'My Miles' to convert them into talk time, groceries, airline miles and vacations abroad and even 1 gm of gold by entering into the 'Go4Gold 'contest.'The coin sized wearable device branded 'Mymo' tracks users' steps, distance and calories wirelessly onto an iPhone, Android smart phone or a computer and helps them to maintain fitness level.
"As people need incentives to incorporate activity into their daily schedule, Mymo provides the incentive to stay engaged," said Tupelo CEO Martyn Molnar while launching the activity tracker device in Bangalore. The device has a 6 month of battery life.