Sunday, October 19, 2014

#DiaMirza (@deespeak) in #RituKumar outfit for her wedding

Ritu Kumar has designed a  traditional joda  for Dia Mirza’s wedding. The style dates back to the mughal era and is contemporized in style but in essence has kept the embroidery tradition of the old zardozi craftsmanship.The ensemble  is made up of a kurta, farshi paijama and a dupatta. The upper half or paat of the paijama is made of gold net and lined with tanchoi silk  brocade and the lower half or gote is made of green and turq stripes of patched silk sewn together diagonally. Each stripe is designed with  stylized floral designs.  The elaborate borders placed on both the paat and the gote seams are  finished in a style typical of the Hyderabadi court, a city which Dia has lived in for many years. The dupatta has been embroidered by master craftsmen with a lineage from the Avadh court. The kurta is decorated with zardozi around the neckline. A similar design is embroidered on the ground of the second emerald green dupatta in alternate rows of curling vines and stylized floral motifs. The main dupatta has a special motif embroidered on the part that covers the hair.

Dia has particularly chosen this avadhi style to don on her wedding day , an ensemble which few brides can wear with such grace.