Friday, October 3, 2014

International Writers & Readers festival starts from 4th Oct, 2014 at Panjim in #Goa

International Writers & Readers Festival - is scheduled to kick off on 4th October, 2014 at Kala Academy, Panjim, Goa. The festival will witness participation from literature stalwarts from across the globe along with some well-known personalities from other parts of India and Goa.

The first day of the festival will showcase sessions like Raw Nerve: problems of practicing creative skills by Louis de Bernières, Damodar Mauzo, Jose Rodriguez dos Santos, Miguel Syjico and Mridula Koshy. Few more sessions in the day will be Glowing Ink by Thomas Keneally; Return of King by William Dalrymple; Hartosh Bal and Sudeep Chakravarti; Oracle by Loius de Bernières, Manohar Shetty, Mamta Sagar, Meena Kandaswamy and Vishnu Wagh; Solving the Puzzle by Aroon Raman and Kulpreet Yadav; Other rooms, other voices by Miguel Syjuco, Jose Rodriguez dos Santos and Romesh Gunasekara.

The second day of the festival will begin with a session by Your words, other mouths by Louis de Berniers and Tom Keneally; Asian voices, foreign markets by Miguel Syjuco, Manu Joseph and Prajwal Parajulay; The unsevered connection of Goa and Portugal by Jose Rodriguez dos Santos and Alexandre Barbossa, Pantaleao Fernandes, Savia Viegas; Conflict in media: The changing holding patterns and unbiased news by Liam Fitzpatrick, Sandesh Prabhudesai, Stephen McCarty; Battle-scarred words, the Literature of war by Jose dos Santos, Amandeep Sandhu, Nandita Haksar, Sudeep Chakravarti; Queen’s English with an accent: Literature from Australia by Thomas Keneally, Kirsty Murray and Nine Lives and Other Travels by William Dalrymple at the DMKM Auditorium.

The last day of the festival will see sessions like The Individual and the Institution by Romesh Gunesekara, Miguel Syjuco, Ramakant Khalap, Hartosh Bal; Audio:Readings by Louis de Bernières, CP Surendran, Prajwal Parajuly; Trust me, I have an iphone! by Manjula Narayan, Sandesh Prabhudesai, Christophe Kloebe; Romancing the poetry by CP Surendran, Louis de Bernières and Manohar Shetty; Printer’s Devils: Copyrights, translations, contracts and Innovation in publishing by Daniel Watts, Mamta Sagar, Leonard Fernandes and Frederick Naronha and Parting Notes by Thomas Keneally, Kirsty Murray, Louis de Bernières, Romesh Gunesekara, Pundalik Naik and many more.