Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#Karnataka high court admits corruption cases against #BJP's #Yeddyurappa & #Eshwarappa

A single judge of the Karnataka high court Justice Anand Byrareddy on Tuesday allowed the reinstatement of the corruption cases filed advocate B Vinod against the BJP leaders from Shimoga Yeddyurappa and K S Eshwarappa.
Advocate B Vinod from Simoga has filed series of corruption cases against them and members of their families as well.

Earlier the cases were dismissed in February this year by a special Lok Ayukta court in Shimoga district for various reasons including lack of prior sanctions of the Governor of Karnataka for prosecution of the these leaders. The advocate had challenged the Lokayukta Court order and filed a revision petition in the High Court. He had maintained there was no need for him to get the Governor's sanction prior to filing the complaint as Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa were not in the similar position (Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister) as they were at the time of the alleged commission of offense.

Charges against Yeddyurappa & Eshwarappa

  • Amassing of wealth beyond their known source of income
  • Land grabbing and de-notification of the land worth Rs 100 crore
  • Allotment of plots under journalist quota to their kit & kin
  • Buying property in foreign countries