Sunday, November 9, 2014

#AAP slams #BJP for J P Nadda's inclusion in Cabinet #CabinetExpansion

J P Nadda who had written to the then health minister, Harsh Vardhan for removal of whistle blower Sanjiv Chaturvedi as AIIMS chief vigilance officer has been made the new Union health minister.

The following Press Statement has been issued by AAP in this matter:-

The induction of BJP leader JP Nadda into the union cabinet is unfortunate and shows that the Narendra Modi government is rewarding those who have harassed honest officers and tried to shield the corrupt.

It is shocking that despite written evidence being available with the Prime Minister’s Office about the role of Mr Nadda in getting whistleblower officer Sanjeev Chaturvedi removed as Chief Vigilance Officer of AIIMS, he has been made a cabinet minister.

Nadda’s correspondence with health minister Mr Harsh Vardhan, which is attached with this press release clearly proves that he tried atleast thrice to get Chaturvedi removed, since an officer close to him was under scanner for alleged corrupt deals running into hundreds of crores.

Nadda’s elevation is in direct contrast to the BJP’s pre-election promise of providing a corruption free government and this move will send a wrong signal for the country’s bureaucracy.

Equally shocking has been the silence of the BJP leadership in the entire issue. Not once has this party cleared the air on the reasons behind Nadda’s unjustified interference in the functioning of AIIMS, a direct assault on it autonomy.

Cabinet expansions and reshuffles are no doubt the Prime Minister’s sole prerogative, but it is the duty of opposition parties to let the country know about the reality of those being chosen to hold the ministers offices.