Sunday, November 2, 2014

#Amazon may wind up operations in #India and #China

In a regulatory filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Amazon has said it sees "substantial uncertainties" in interpretation of Indian laws, which could impact its business in one of the world's fastest-growing multi-billion dollar online shopping market. It expressed similar views on rules in China as well.
"Our Chinese and Indian businesses and operations may be unable to continue to operate if we or our affiliates are unable to access sufficient funding or if China enforces contractual relationships with respect to the management and control of such businesses," it added.
Amazon is facing trouble from tax authorities in Karnataka. Tax department in Karnataka has served notices to the third-party vendors of Amazon India and ordered them to stop storing their products at Amazon’s warehouse, called Amazon Fulfilment Centres, near Bangalore.
According to tax officials of Karnataka, merchants cannot register Amazon’s warehouse as their additional place of business under the current tax laws. The particular issue relates to the tax liability as the state tax authorities reckon Amazon is acting as a 'dealer' and needs to pay value added tax in the state.