Friday, November 28, 2014

Bank unions to go on zonal strike demanding wage revision from 2nd to 5th Dec.

The United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) representing five workers' and four officers' associations have called for a series of strikes in different zones starting Dec 2nd to Dec 5th.
In pursuance of the call of UFBU, the Zonal Strike for one day will be observed by all the bank workmen and officers in the Southern / Northern / Eastern / Western Zone on 02.12.2014 / 03.12.2014 / 04.12.2014 / 05.12.2014 respectively, demanding immediate settlement on wage revision.
UFBU has claimed that wage revision for the bank employees was due from November 1, 2012, after expiry of the previous settlement with the Indian Banks' Association (IBA).
Earlier UFBU had observed a day-long strike on Nov 12th on the same wage revision issue.The IBA has agreed to offer up to 11% increase in pay slip components but UFBU is demanding 25% increase in pay slip components.

'Despite appropriating around Rs. 90,000 crores towards Provisioning and Contingencies, the PSBs have made a net profit of Rs. 37,000 crores during the financial year 2013-14,'said UFBU in their press statement to justify their demand of 25% hike in pay slip components.