Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Internet user in India is 19.2% of the population, opportunity for huge growth: Prez Mukherjee at #cwsci14 #Bangalore

We in India see our future as inextricably linked to the progress we can make in the field of science and technology. ICT and the digital revolution is rapidly transforming our lives. The number of mobile phone users in India was around 930 million at the end of September 2014 which is the second highest in the world after China. Our mobile phone density of 74.55 compares favourably with other top ranking countries. India also ranks third after China and the USA in terms of number of internet users. At the same time, the penetration of internet use as a percentage of our population is only around 19.2% at present indicating the huge potential that exists for further growth:#Prez.Mukherjee