Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mathrubhumi #TV channel anchor dares #KissOfLove organisers to kiss on air

Yuvamorcha activists assaulted the volunteers of "Kiss of Love"during a discussion held by Mathrubhumi channel. The incident happened when the program was recorded, that too in front of camera. This despicable attempt at moral policing was done in front of leaders like Dean Kuriakose who came to attend it

The program anchor challenged the volunteers to kiss in front of everyone and the couple, Rashmi and Rahul, shared a peck on the cheeks cooly. This was soon followed by the activists assaulting the couple hurling obscenities at them, much to the chagrin and shock of a startled crowd.

Kiss of Love organizers claimed that, “Yuvamorcha attacks Kiss of Love Volunteers at the floor of a channel.But sources in Mathrubhumi channel said it was more a war of words than any physical assault.