Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spy planes collecting Smartphone users' data in #US ; WSJ reports

USA is reportedly using spy airplanes equipped with special military-grade snooping equipment to eavesdrop on cell phone information from millions of smartphone users in U.S.
This little device, nicknamed "Dirtbox", is being used to mimic mobile phone tower transmissions from the sky and gather data from millions of mobile phones, helping the US Marshals Service track criminals while recording innocent citizens’ information.

The purpose of the device is supposedly to track a specific target, but if active, all mobile devices in the particular area will respond to the signal. The Dirtbox causes smartphones to transmit back the users’ location, registration information and identity data – uniquely identifying IMEI numbers stored in every mobile device, The Wall Street Journal reported.According to the WSJ, a "source familiar with the program" said that these devices are fitted onto Cessna aircraft and fly from at least five metropolitan airports in the US. The planes cover the majority of the US population.