Monday, December 1, 2014

Tablets Improving Workplace Productivity and Mobility, finds #Dell International Tablet Survey 2014

In India, the survey was conducted with 152 Indian IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) belonging to large organizations with a workforce of 999—5000 employees. From the insights garnered, Dell India announced the results for Indian ITDMs and their outlook towards tablet deployment in their organization’s IT policy.
“The workforce in India and across geographical boundaries is transforming as organizations are evolving in terms of how work is being conducted. As businesses and economies become globally integrated, the most pressing need for the employee is to be mobile and therefore accessible, wherever he may be. The Dell 2014 International Tablet survey is an abstraction of this sentiment across ITDMs in several geographies, including India. The study reflects optimism of ITDMs in India it terms of tablet adoption in organizations, which is eventually resulting in increased productivity of employees,” said Indrajit Belgundi, Director & General Manager, End User Computing, Dell India.

9 of the 10 countries – US (61%), UK (59%), India (60%1), Japan (75%1), China (77%), Brazil (66%), France (77%), Russia (81%), and South Africa (20 of 32 surveyed) - majorities of ITDMs whose company offers tablets as a standard offering report that tablets have met the expectations their company had for them. In India (60%) majorities of ITDMs report that tablets have met the expectations their company had for them, and exceeded expectations for 36%.