Friday, January 2, 2015

Pak terror boat intercepted in mid-sea near #Porbandar; 26/11 re-run averted

According to TV reports, a Pakistani fishing vessel carrying explosives blew itself up on Friday after being chased by Coast Guard in sea for almost an hour.
Indian Coast Guard ships and navy aircraft tried to intercept the boat near the India-Pakistan maritime boundary, about 365 km from Porbander in Gujarat, on the night of December 31-January 1. It was also reported that when Indian Coast Guard ship warned the boat to stop for investigation of the crew and cargo – the vessel tried to dodge the Indian officials.

There were intelligence alerts since September about a possibility of a threat from the seas. The coast guard has been on vigil since then. The areas specific under the radar of the agencies were the coasts along Gujarat and also Kolkata.

In November, there was a threat at the Kolkata port following which security was upped. Since then the agencies have been on the look out for every Paksitan vessel that has been entering into the Indian waters.