Tuesday, February 17, 2015

KRET to introduce modern radio-electronic solutions for the Indian Air Force at #AeroIndia2015

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), a part of the Rostec State Corporation, will present its products at the Aero India 2015 international aerospace exhibition.
“Participation in Aero India 2015 exhibition gives us an opportunity to assess the current needs of military and civil goods market,”Nikolay Kolesov, KRET General Director, stated. “Our advanced designs received the positive responses from international partners, especially from the Indian Air Force, which widely use the Russian military equipment. Expanding our presence on the Indian market will allow to strengthen the Concern’s positions as a complex avionics supplier of the Asian region.”

Within the exhibition, the KRET will introduce its unique designs of avionics, including SAP-518 and SAP-14 jamming station, L187AE jamming system for helicopters, which were highly appreciated by the US experts. Laser optical-electronic suppression station of airborne defense system President-S surely will be in the loop of the exhibition's participants. It ensures effective protection from missiles with the infrared homing heads. This solution is especially relevant for the protection of the class of military and civil helicopters and airplanes in the context of increasing threat of terrorists using the man-portable air defense systems.

Also, Zhuk-AE, multimode airborne radars, with active phased-array antenna(FGA35 version)is to be shown at the KRET’s stand. Its uniqueness lies in the possibility to detect and track various classes of air and surface targets with simultaneous missiles guidance to them. The system surpasses the rivals in performance characteristics and designed to be installed on the next generation aircrafts, including MiG-35 fighter.

LINS-100 RS, laser inertial navigation system will be one more solution among exhibits designed for new and updated Russian aircraft. LINS-100 RS identifies and transmits high accuracy flight and navigation parameters. In comparison with the counterparts produced by the US and other countries, the system has the highest performance characteristics.