Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reaction on Karnataka budget by CREDAI #Bengaluru

•    The reduction of VAT on M Sand to 5 % is a welcome step and we had sought help in mitigating sand supply issue.
•    Online registration will bring in more transparency to the system .  Since our state is a pioneer in all e-related efforts we do hope the concept is well promoted and reaches its ultimate goal of minimal human interface in this process.
•    The increase on Petrol and Diesel levies will increase prices all commodities including items used in the sector.  This is a regressive step.
•    The planned extension of Road width at important areas will enable smoother flow and faster traffic movement.
•    The planned sky walks on PPP model need to be studies. How it will help a common man need to be looked into, since a ppp model always attracts toll/levies.
•    The setting up of 25 waste handling plants is a welcome move and will address garbage related issues, particularly in Bangalore.