Sunday, April 26, 2015

D K Ravi was victim of 498A for false dowry harassment case?

IAS officer D K Ravi who recently committed suicide (The Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI officials are investigating the matter) in Bangalore is also believed to have been a victim of 498A. As reports are emerging that he was threatened with a false dowry case. This had allegedly happened when he confronted his wife after it was revealed that his wife had eloped with her classmate in her college days and had married him secretly. This fact was kept hidden from Ravi and he came to know about it after marriage.
Misuse of dowry laws is not a recent phenomenon and the judiciary of India is totally responsible for the growing misuse of dowry law and the resultant abuse of innocent men in the process, says men’s rights organization, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF). The  Group has strongly objected the move to make dowry law compoundable and demanded bailability.  “The Government and courts should worry more about men avoiding women altogether than being worried about saving marriages by amending laws. Because, when it comes to protecting innocent men from abusive women in marriages and the resultant frivolous and vexatious litigation, the Govt. and the Judiciary score negative”, says Rajesh Vakharia, President Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF).
“It is a very sad fact that instead of working to resolve these procedural hurdles which result in abuse of men under section 498A and its growing misuse, the Govt. is planning to make this law compoundable. It is already compoundable in states like Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. After the law is made compoundable, the misuse of this law in fact increased many folds. So, the Government’s proposal to make the law compoundable will not solve the problem of misuse, but will just compound it. This is like adding salt to injury”, says Jyoti Tiwari, spokesperson, Save Indian Family Foundation and pushes move for judicial reforms.