Sunday, April 12, 2015

#ModiInGermany Savour Indian delicacies at #HannoverMesse industrial fair

Foreign investors and visitors will get a chance to savour delicious Indian cuisine by 40 renowned chefs from leading six hotel chains such as Taj Group, The Oberoi Group, ITC Hotels, Marriott, Leela Hotels and Hyatt Hotels. Chef Ravitej Nath from The Oberoi Group, Chef Hemant Oberoi of Taj, Chef Manjit Gill of ITC and Marriott’s Executive Chef Girish Krishnan along with their teams will represent Indian cuisine at the Hannover Messe industrial fair.

Under the auspices of Experience India Society, the menu based on Prithvi-Rasa will present the sustainable cuisine of India.It is believed that a ‘complete meal’ should consist of all six rasas, beginning with the sweet, moving on to salty, sour, pungent, bitter and ending with the astringent. The culinary experience aspires to encompass a pan India experience through menu featuring epicurean delights such as dal bukhara, dum murgh biryani, shammi kebab and gulab jamun.
Experience India Society is an initiative of the leading hotel chains and tour operators to promote India through a public- private partnership with the Ministry of Tourism. Its members are Taj Group, The Oberoi Group, ITC Hotels, Hyatt (South Asia), Marriott, Leela Hotels and Thomas Cook (India).

The Experience India Society co-hosts food festivals; produces promotional films for international audiences as a part of the Incredible India campaign, and participates in special events to promote India as a unique tourist destination and further the cause of Brand India. Its ultimate objective is the creation of a unique brand position and building of brand equity for India in the world tourism market.