Friday, May 8, 2015

#Microsoft India to train 800 school teachers

Microsoft India will train 800 teachers of Sri Chaitanya Schools as the schools embark on their digital classrooms program. Sri Chaitanya Schools recently announced adopting Microsoft India’s Edu-Cloud infrastructure and 14,000 Windows-based tablets for their students and teachers of Class 3, 4 and 5 in 80 schools to connect, collaborate, create, and share content, with an aim to make teaching and learning fun. The teachers’ training will be as per the recommended guidelines of the Microsoft’s well-known, global ‘Partners in Learning’ (PiL) program.

Earlier this week, Microsoft India launched Edu-Cloud, a cloud computing-based offering, which is expected to benefit 10 lakh teachers and 60 lakh students in 1500 institutes over the next 18 months. With a commitment to expand digital inclusion, in the last 10 years, Microsoft has invested over INR 670 crore in education, skill development, entrepreneurship and digital literacy programs, touching more than 5 crore people in 20 different states of India.