Saturday, June 13, 2015

@kaspersky finds computer virus Duqu 2.0 at Iran nuclear talks venue

A powerful computer virus Known as Duqu 2.0 linked to Israel is thought to have been used to spy on the recent Iran nuclear talks after being found in the networks of three hotels that hosted the negotiations.

Kaspersky Lab - a Moscow based  IT security vendor said Duqu 2.0 was used to attack three European hotels where the P5+1 involving US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, China plus EU were holding talks concerning Iranian nuclear capabilities.

Kaspersky says Duqu 2.0 was packed with 100 modules, which allow hackers to take over and control computers in a network. The spy virus targeted everything, from hotel surveillance cameras to smartphones and tablets. The spy virus allowed hackers to record audio and video from all electronic sources in addition to stealing documents. It is even claimed the new spy virus could operate hotel elevators and alarm systems.

The worm was first discovered by Kaspersky on its own systems, although the company reports that it did not compromise any key systems. “Spying on cybersecurity companies is a very dangerous tendency,” said Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive of Kaspersky Lab.