Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#Philips unveils Web-Enabled LED Home Lighting System 'Hue' in India

Philips has unveiled Hue, a web-enabled smart LED home lighting system in India.Philips Hue allows users to create and control home lighting using their smartphone or tablet andit works seamlessly across both, iOS and android mobile platforms.The starter pack includes three bulbs that simply screw into your existing lamps, and a bridge that you plug into your home Wi-Fi router. Download the hue app to configure your lighting experience.
Commenting on the launch, HarshChitale, CEO, Philips Lighting – South Asia, said, "Philips Hue will change the way people have experienced and interacted with lighting till now.Connected LED lightingredefines the possibilities with lighting taking it beyond illumination and creating value to enhance our lives”.

George Yianni, Head of Technology - Connected Lighting, Co-inventor of Philips Hue said, “At Philips, we always strive to push the boundaries of light and technology to deliver meaningful innovations that go on to become industry benchmarks. More than just a personal wireless lighting system, Hue is a platform with an ever-growing selection of third-party apps (more than 300 at present) that deliver exciting outcomes in the Internet of Things environment.”

Product information:
The Philips hue introduction pack includes:
● 3 hue light bulbs of 600 lumen (50Watt equivalent)
(Each hue light bulb covers all shades of white, from warm white light to cold with light, and a wide variety of color. Each hue light bulb uses 80% less power than a traditional light bulb.)
● A hue bridge to easily set up your lighting network
● A power supply for the hue bridge
● A LAN cable to connect the hue bridge to your router
● A download instruction for the app