Sunday, September 6, 2015

Priyanka Upendra inaugurates Advanced Children's Center at Manipal Hospital #Bangalore

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore has launched a comprehensive advanced children’s care unit dedicated to take care of all the pediatric healthcare needs under one roof. It was launched by noted Kannada Superstar-Priyanka Upendra.

Parents can call in at the Pediatrician Concern Number -22 22 11 11 to channel their queries and will be assisted with a 24/7 pediatrician.
Dr.Karthik Nagesh, Chairman of the Manipal Advanced Children’s Centre says “We have had the fortune of building a formidable reputation in the care of critically ill newborns and children in the last two decades. Our legacy of excellence has been shaped by the advanced technology and care provided by our highly reputed and well known super specialists. With trained Pediatricians in all fields of pediatric care, we are considered leaders throughout the country. We are now poised to become world leaders in advanced care for children through our well established clinical services, world-class training programs for Pediatricians, constant upgradation in technology and research in different frontiers with the support of our advanced lab medicine and radiological services.”
“It is really great to see such an initiative been launched by Manipal Hospitals. As a parent I can echo the concern one might have taking care of a child’s distress at odd hours. It is really a noble initiative that shall bring in a huge sense of relief and ensure the best of healthcare service in the domain of pediatrics,” said noted Kannada Superstar-Priyanka Upendra.