Monday, September 28, 2015

#Ruchi Soya to introduce #Soybean Germ Oil in India next year

FMCG company Ruchi Soya Industries will introduce Soybean Germ Oil in India next year.The oil is extracted from a soybean seed and it has absolute zero absorption of cholesterol.
"Soyean Germ Oil, the healthiest form of edible oils, will be launched by next year. The oil is being manufactured with the help of J-Oil Mills of Japan and global trading firm Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC)," Ruchi Soya Industries CEO (Consumer Brands Division) Nilesh Mazumdar told reporters in Bangalore today.

Earlier, the company announced their tieup with Protein Foods and Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI) to advise it on Soya brand Nutrela.

Nutrela and PFNDAI will implement a nutritionist outreach programme in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Ruchi Soya Industries will also be rolling out its School Contact Programme in more than 400 schools in Karnataka and 3000 schools in Maharashtra. The objective of this programme is to educate children around nutrition, specifically the goodness of soya and the advantages of soya over other foods like milk/egg/meat. The campaign will feature sampling and contests.