Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"I still miss my friend Rajiv Gandhi" : #SamPitroda

On the occasion of the release of his autobiography 'Dreaming Big' in Bengaluru yesterday father of India's telecom revolution, Sam Pitroda said, 'I still miss my friend Rajiv Gandhi. His visionary leadership coincided with my vision for a developed India.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pitroda expressed his gratitude to Rajiv Gandhi for all his success.

"My journey in India would not have started without the support and help of Rajiv Gandhi.When Rajiv Gandhi died, I felt like I had lost everything," he added.The function was also attended by Bharat Ratna awardee Prof.C N R Rao, Former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization Dr. K Kasturirangan and Trinamool MP from Barrackpore Kolkata and former Union Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi.