Tuesday, October 27, 2015

India's #Internet of Things (IoT) industry expected be $15 billion by 2020

With India's Internet of Things (IoT)  industry is expected be worth US$ 15 billion by 2020  India will need to invest in skill and technology development as well as R&D facilities to develop the local market, said Toshio Takagi, President & CEO alfaTKG CO., Ltd on a seminer on Industry 4.0 and MINI Industry 4.0 in Bangalore.

Cyber-powered technology innovation in the field of industrial operations is adding new dimensions to SME sector. Smart manufacturing systems integrating the whole process. Uniting the factory floor with enterprise-based, he added.
Industry 4.0 solution is not only a boost of manufacturing sector but also for  better social life with technical inputs can be used to improve efficiency in all  sector including Food, Water, Housing, Agriculture, Transport, Power/Energy, Health care and so on.