Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#Mango Chilli Pickle,Vazhapoo Vada for PM #Modi at the #NASSCOM event in #Bangalore today

Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur presented an exceptional homemade Mango and Chilli Pickle and a Chundo for Prime Minister Modi at the Nasscom hosted lunch for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at The Leela Palace hotel in Bangalore today.

The menu was well appreciated as it was well-balanced and wholesome.  It consisted of a healthy welcome drink ‘Sambharam’ which is  a spiced buttermilk flavored with lemongrass. It also included a variety of vegetarian starters with the most unique being the “Murungaelai Adai”, (Drumstick leaf pancake) - The dish is high on fiber and has a very unique taste when coupled with Chef Kapur’s homemade pickles including “Mahali” (a traditional Tamil Brahmin pickle made of roots possessing a unique smell of vanilla and cinnamon) and Vazhapoo Vada (Banana blossom fitters) is high on potassium and tastes best when served steaming hot out of the pan with fresh coconut chutney.

Both main courses were served with Nilgiri korma (seasonal vegetable simmered in coriander and mint gravy), araichivitta sambar (aromatic lentil stew), red rice (unpolished red rice from Kerala) and Malabar paratha (flaky south Indian bread).

The icing on the cake was the innippu suvaigal dessert comprising ada pradaman (rice flakes and palm sugar porridge), kasi halwa (slow cooked white pumpkin and saffron), coconut burfi, Mysorepak and palkhova (reduced milk cake).