Monday, November 2, 2015

#Anupam Kher booed by #Tata Literature Festival audience

Soon after Actor Anupam Kher rose to speak at the Tata Literature Festival, he was booed after he recalled Shobha De’s past as an editor of a film magazine “which printed gossip about which film star slept with whom.”

Undeterred, Kher went on saying “people have an agenda and cannot handle a chaiwala becoming a PM.”
As the booing continued, Kher said he had spoken to the festival organiser Anil Dharker in the morning and expressed his apprehensions of a paid audience at the debate.
Anupam Kher along with BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli spoke for the motion whereas former BJP ideologue Sudheendra Kulkarni and noted writer Shobha De spoke against the motion.