Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bone marrow transplant can cost anything between Rs.10 lakh-Rs.12 lakh in private hospitals in #Bangalore

Bone marrow transplant currently cost anything between Rs.10 lakh-Rs.12 lakh in private hospitals in Bangalore.This was stated by Dr. Sharat Damodar - Head of Heomatology & Bone Marrow Transplant, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center.Narayana Health City, Bangalore has a large Bone Marrow Transplant Unit that has completed more than 400 bone marrow transplants with 70% of them being allergenic stem cell transplants.Bone marrow transplant could give people suffering from blood cancer or thallasemia a new lease of life.Thalassaemia is a genetic disorder which leads to suppression of bone marrow—patient's body stops producing RBCs which carry oxygen throughout the body.Dr. Sharat Damodar  was speaking on sidelines of four day (5th-8th Nov, 2015) conference – Hematocon 2015 - the 56th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Haematology & Blood Transfusion in Bangalore.

Dr. Cecil Ross, Professor and Head of Hematology at St. John’s Medical College & Chairman of Karnataka Chapter of Indian Society of Hematology & Transfusion Medicine said, “Multiple scientific workshops will focus on sharing innovations in field target therapies (immune therapy that is more effective with less side effects managing blood related infections), bone marrow transplants, blood cancer and other blood related disorders. More than 1000 delegates and 25-30 faculties nationally and internationally will offer a series of diverse continuing education as part of the event”.

Dr. Sunil Bhat, Head of Department, Paediatric Haemato-oncology, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center, Narayana Health said “Through HAEMATOCON 2015, we are bringing global Haematology experts together to share clinical breakthroughs and newer treatment options that will enable relevant medical professionals to provide better diagnostic and treatment solutions to patients. This will immensely improve recovery rates among patients with blood related disorders.”