Monday, November 2, 2015

#Isuzu Motors establishes new company for R&D activities in India

Isuzu Motors Limited, Japan, has incorporated a new company – Isuzu Engineering Business Centre India Private Limited (IEBCI) in India that will be responsible for R&D and Sourcing related activities. IEBCI will primarily focus on enhancing efficiency and quality levels of Isuzu Motors India’s (IMI) products, enabling the company to achieve 70% localisation at Start of Production (SoP) and 100% localisation in the future. IEBCI will also serve as the specialized hub for sourcing parts for ISUZU’s global operations.
Isuzu Motors Limited, Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan is a global manufacturer of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, utility vehicles and diesel engines. With operations in 25 countries, selling in more than 100 countries worldwide, the company is a leader in pick-ups and pick-up based derivatives in many markets. The company manufactures and sells over 6 lakh units annually across the world.