Saturday, December 5, 2015

@Asli_Jacqueline at The Body Shop product launch in #Mumbai

Talking about her favourite world inspired ranges, The Body Shop Brand ambassador and actress Jacqueline Fernandez said, “With the world as an inspiration for ingredients blended with ancient beauty rituals is a fantastic concept. The Body Shop’s new product ranges for Skin, Spa and Scent embrace nature in its raw and fresh form and bring alive essentials from across the globe into our lives with naturally inspired products that play on our senses. The intensely nourishing Oils of Life is my latest obsession, the ultra-light texture leaves skin soft and supple without being greasy or sticky. And for my daily pampering I choose The Spa of the World™ the perfect rejuvenation for everyday indulgence. A true delight for girls, this season The Body Shop brings the freshness of hand-picked ingredients and rediscovers the beauty quotient with the new launches.”