Monday, January 25, 2016

109-year-old woman successfully operated for Hip fracture at Paras Hospitals #Gurgaon

A 109-year-old woman who had sustained a hip fracture in a fall has been successfully treated at Paras Hospital, Gurgaon with a new minimally invasive surgical technique that reduces the heightened risk of mortality and disability for fragile people of such advanced age.Despite her age, she responded with a quick recovery she was hospitalized for only 2days and she was absolutely healthy at the discharge,” said Dr Ravi Sauhta, Senior Consultant Orthopedics.“

Although, there is effective treatments available to treat fractures also to treat fracture, the main focus should remain on preventing osteoporosis. The idea is to have high index of suspicion among clinicians, which can detect osteoporosis much before it ends up into these serious fragility fractures. Currently, while there is a very low rate of regular health check-ups, the health checks do not sufficiently focus on looking for bone health. Those who have hypothyroid, are post menopausal, or antacids and taking steroids for a long time for other diseases are high at risk of developing osteoporosis,” said Ravi Sauhta, Senior Consultant Orthopedics.