Monday, January 11, 2016

#Bombay High court orders eve teasers to sweep roads

During a Dussehra rally in October 2015, the Thane police received a complaint from some young women about eve-teasing. The police launched a swift search for the accused and caught three youths who were identified by the women as the persons who teased them during the event.

The police filed cases against these three youngsters and lodged the case in the Thane court. After several hearings and going through the evidence submitted by the prosecution, the court came to the conclusion that these persons were guilty of eve-teasing. However, this was the first time that they committed an offence and they argued that they should not be sent to prison and given a chance to reform.

The court sentenced them to compulsory social service and ordered them to clean streets for eight hours every Sunday for six months. The three accused persons are cleaning the streets under the supervision of police personnel. The Bombay high court has maintained Thane Court order when it was challenged in High court.