Monday, January 11, 2016

#Mobile apps for travel bookings on rise, finds Survey

'Mobile bookings and budget accommodation are two areas where we made tremendous progress in the winter season,' said Sharat Dhall, President'Vacationing in winters has become an accepted norm similar to summer travel. We have seen a number of takers opting for not only domestic but also international destinations for their winter vacations. Indians are holidaying more frequently and that’s a trend that has been on an increase over the past few years,' he added.

Survey Highlights:-

Top Choice for Domestic Destinations

Kashmir or other Hill Stations(22.1%)




Top Choice for International Destinations

Thailand/ Singapore/ Malaysia(19.4%)



Key Highlights:

·         Luxury travel has increased, more than 30 percent ready to spend more than Rs 50,000 per person

·         Budget accommodation (under Rs 4,000) is the top choice on vacation

·         People are definitely holidaying in the winter, however summer travel soars higher

·         Increase in people opting for an international destination

·         South East Asian countries are more popular than some domestic destinations

·         Mobile bookings are increasing