Friday, February 26, 2016

#Amazon rolls out designed studio-on-wheels for #SMEs

Amazon Tatkal is a specially designed studio-on-wheels offering a suite of launch services including registration, imaging and cataloguing services, as well as basic seller training mechanisms. It will enable thousands of interested sellers to start selling on in real time and experience the benefits of launching an online business.

Talking about the concept, Gopal Pillai, Director & GM, Seller Services, Amazon India said “Our conversations with hundreds of SMBs reveal that there is a high level of interest among them to get online and start selling, but they are unable to overcome perception barriers of the process being time consuming, tedious and complex. As a result many interested sellers tend to put off onboarding tasks. As always, we worked backwards from seller needs and conceptualized Amazon Tatkal. We believe this initiative will help sellers to overcome these constraints, get them onboard, and start selling on the Amazon platform with speed and ease.” also recently launched a lending program for sellers through an independent, third party partner to offer secured & unsecured loans to sellers from 5 lakh rupees to INR 2 crores at very competitive interest rates.