Friday, February 12, 2016

Kokuyo #Camlin launches smart notebook #app

CamiApp application automatically aligns and formats the picture taken through its inbuilt camera feature and converts it into usable data. One can organize the data that is easily searchable by its title, picture date, document date, tags and comments.CamiApp Notebook is available in A7, A6, A5, B5 and is priced at Rs 25/-, Rs 60/-, Rs 100/- and Rs 130/- respectively.

CamiApp is innovative and very user-friendly that helps to digitalize data in just 3 easy steps. All one needs to do is buy a CamiApp Notebook from a retail shop, download the CamiApp application from App store/Google play for free and finally click a picture of CamiApp Notebook and the data is converted in the mobile for easy use,  claims a cpmpany press release.